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Our Vision

Our vision is to build an integrated centre that will not only offer an aesthetically pleasing Prayer Facility but also provide the space for the physical, social and intellectual needs of our youth, adults and elderly.

Expansion Project

Current Project

JMOC has embarked on a visionary project to give our Community a critical and much needed facility.

The objective is to add a new facility (approximately 50,000 sq. ft.) which will include:

  • Assistance in obtaining all necessary documents for release and burial of our deceased.
  • An Expanded Taghseel/Takfeen facility.
  • Two Large Prayer Halls.
  • A School with 12 classrooms.
  • A Large Library.
  • A Community Centre for Social gatherings.
  • Parking for 186 cars with Signaled access from Richmond Road/Seyton Drive.

The Masjid will include a Men's Prayer Hall on the first Floor, a Ladies Prayer Hall with it's own entrance and Wudhu area on the second floor, Musalli-friendly amenities for social get-togethers and for Itekaaf.

It is propose that the current Madrasa will be expanded and gradually phased into offering Islamic and secular education. The school will comprise of 12 classrooms and will offer education from Junior to gradually Aalim and Grade 12 levels. The curriculum will be certified by authentic Darul Ulooms and Provincial Education Authorities.

The Community Centre has been designed to offer space for a full Size Gymnasium, two kitchens, meeting/counseling rooms, exercise room and other indoor sports (e.g. table-tennis). The Library will be well equipped with a wide variety of books and Reference works. The Taghseel/Takfeen facility will be relocated to offer better access.

Parking Capacity has been designed to accommodate 186 cars with signaled access to the Masjid property. The Site and Landscape plans will enhance the aesthetic features of the surrounding area and preserve maximum green space.

The existing building will be retained for other Community purposes or income generation.