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Project Implementation Plan
No. Major Milestone Completion Date Approx. Cost Status/Dependencies
Forecast Actual
Phase IA
1 Approval of site plan Sep-05 Nov-05 Complete
2 Council acclamation & approval Jan-06 Rubber stamp
Phase IB
3 Sanitary sewer design submitted, review requested Dec-05 Dec-06 Letter/design drawing sent
4 Sanitary sewer design reviewed & approved for MOE submission to the city Mar-06 Jan-06 Approval granted by the city
5 Cost estimates (Schedule B) for services submitted to the city Jan-06 Jan-06 Initial submission complete, revision underway
6 Traffic island & signal modification design submitted Jan-06 Jan-06 Design review completed Jan 24
7 Approval of traffic island and signal mods approved Feb-06 3 months lead time at City
8 Site plan agreement discussion initiated Jan-06 Feb-06 Agreement reached on security deposit
9 Sanitary sewer design submitted by MOE Mar-06 Mar-06 Expedited by the city staff
10 Sanitary sewer design approval granted by MOE May-06 Mar-06 Approval received
11 Site plan agreement finalized and signed May-06 Negotiation & deposit dependent
12 Detail architectural design complete May-06 Step 12 & 13 to progress in tandem
13 Detail structural design complete May-06
14 Detail electrical design complete May-06
15 Detail mechanical and plumbing design complete May-06
16 Detail sprinkler system design complete Jun-06
17 Site services installation permit initiated Jun-06 Can begin prior to site plan agreement signed, once MOE approval is granted, 50k deposit required by the city
18 Site services installation permit granted Jul-06
19 Building permit readiness review Phase II Jul-06
Phase II
20 Tender document completed & RFQ released - Site services Jul-06
21 General contractor for site services selected Aug-06
22 Building permit application submitted Aug-06 Depending on fund raising success
23 Building permit granted Sep-06 8 wks lead time - if no issues found
24 Site services works begins Sep-06 Step 18 dependent
25 Site services works completed Oct-06 Anticipate two months to complete
26 Foundation, structural work execution review Oct-06
27 RFQ released for general contractor selection Oct-06
28 General contractor selected - Phase - II Nov-06
29 Phase II execution begins Nov-06

Date Updated: 21-March-2006

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