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Our Vision

Our vision is to build an integrated centre that will not only offer an aesthetically pleasing Prayer Facility but also provide the space for the physical, social and intellectual needs of our youth, adults and elderly.

Expansion Project

Project Progress


Our Beloved Rasool (SAW) has said “Whosoever builds a masjid, Allah (SWT) will build a place for him in Jannah”.

The biggest reward that you will earn is the act of perpetual Charity that will guarantee you continuous reward in the Aakhirah (Hereafter).

Other benefits will include:

  • Comfortable Prayer Halls to help you develop Khushu and Khudu in Salaah.
  • A controlled environment for our youth to play, grow and develop socially.
  • Facilitating Inter-faith Dialogue and carrying out Dawah Work.
  • An exemplary school for Islamic and Secular education.
  • A well stocked Library to stimulate our intellectual curiosity.
  • An expanded Taghseel and Takfeen facility.
  • A gymnasium and change facilities.
  • A Large Hall and Kitchen facilities for Community and Wedding Celebrations.
  • A Future Senior's Residence adjacent to the Masjid.