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We hope that before winter set's in to complete the exterior brick envelope, pour the concrete floor of the basement and if the weather permits to install the second floor windows.

To complete the Phase III and Phase IV will require approximately $3.5 M.

Expansion Project

Project Construction Phases

Phase 1:  Completion of studies, elevations, floor layout, landscape design, site plan
                   approval and agreement
Phase 2:  Completion of detailed structural, electrical & mechanical design & building permit                     by the city. Completion of site services (Sanitary, Storm water, Hydro)
Phase 3:  Completion of foundation (Excavation, Rock anchors, Concrete)
Phase 4:  Completion of structural envelope (Steel, Blocks, Roof)
Phase 5:  Completion of exterior finishing (Insulation, Finish blocks)
Phase 6:  Completion of Interior finishing (Heating, Plumbing, Wiring, Drywall)
Phase 7:  Completion of Parking pavement and Landscaping

Project Construction Phases
Phase Estimated Cost Required Start Date Target End Date Status
1 $250,000 Q1-05 Q4-05 Complete
2 $600,000 Q1-06 Q2-07 Complete
3 $600,000 Q2-07 Q2-08 Complete
4 $1,500,000 Q2-09 Q4-10 Complete
5 $600,000 Q2-11 Q4-11 Close to Completion
6 $2,000,000 Q4-11 Q4-12
7 $500,000 Q1-13 Q2-13

Under Construction

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